Classes are really about having fun with music and movement. By using a carefully selected mix of songs, together with some simple fun games, we try to help build communication and co-ordination skills for pre-school age children.

So that all our attendies can get the most out of each session, we offer two class formats; the Lion Cub Class and the Giraffe Class. Details about who the classes are aimed at is given below.


Lion Cub Classes

Lion Cub classes are ideal for younger children from birth to about 18 months. Many of the children in these classes are still getting to grips with walking and may not be very steady on their feet.


Giraffe Classes

Giraffe classes are better suited for our more mature visitors, aged 18 months and upwards. These classes involve more movement and are better suited for toddlers who can walk and are steady on their feet.

If you have a mixed age group and want to keep the children together, or if the time of the older class better suits you but your little one is not walking yet then we can advise you about what class is best for you. All of our venues run both formats, so no matter what age your pre-school child is, there’s always a class available for them.

Check out our class locations to see if there's a class near you and remember, the first session is FREE.

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